What should I do to apply for late-in or early-out?

Late or early leave is automatically calculated from the difference between the scheduled work time and scheduled work time, so you do not need to apply for this system.


If you want to submit an application (notification) on this system , we recommend that you respond only by raising the application message.



1. Log in to the employee time card screen using one of the following methods.

  • Press the [Time Card] button on the time clock to authenticate
  • From the login screen, enter the employee ID and PW to log in.


2. After logging in, click the [Schedule application] button on the day of late or early departure (the day you want to submit the notification) .


3. Enter only the “ request message ” and click the [Schedule request] button.


This action sends only the message to the approver. The approver can check the application message by the following procedure.

  • All Menu> Approve Approval> “Waiting for Approval” Tab Schedule/Vacation Request
  • Home > Left column "Processes that require action" Schedule/leave request
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