How should the employee application screen be displayed?

Employees apply by logging in to the time card. There are two ways to log in to your time card.


Access from the time clock 

You can log in to the time card by clicking the "Time Card" button displayed on the time recorder and authenticating your finger information, IC, password, etc. However, it cannot be referenced from a dedicated time recorder terminal such as the Pit Touch series.


Enter your login ID and password to access

You can access the time card by logging in to the "Login URL" with an Internet browser and entering the "Login ID" and "Password". Click here for how to notify your login information .


Login information specifications

The login information has the following specifications.


Login URL

The URL is the same for administrators and employees.


Login ID

Settings > Employees > Employee setting You can check from.
The component of the login ID is " Company code " + 3  +Employee code ".


The company code is issued for each account of this system. It is a 3-character or 6-character code.
The login ID is always prefixed.
For example, if the employee code is "100" in the company with the company code "faq",
The employee's login ID will be "faq3100".


password

If you do not set a password when registering an employee, the initial password will be the "employee code". If you specified a password when registering as an employee, or if you changed the password, please enter that password.

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