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Is it possible to check the history of setting changes?

What can be confirmed

You can check the edit history of attendance data such as the correction of the time record and the change of the pattern from A to B from the following.


Method 1

All menus > Daily data > Specify target date and [Display]>

[Edit]> [Reference the edit history] of the target user (located at the top left of the screen, at the bottom of the date display)


Method 2

Settings " Admin "> Admin settings > [Edit history reference] of the target administrator

We are currently investigating the cause of the difference.


Things that cannot be confirmed

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot confirm the change history of the settings on the management screen, such as division settings and employee type settings.



Also, there is no function to restore the settings as of a certain date. Please change the setting again.

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