Why can't I sign into the admin screen or employee screen?

When you log in by entering your ID and password 

Screens: Management screen/Employee screen


The main reason for login failure is due to incorrect input of information. Please check if the login URL, ID, and password have been entered correctly.


1. Login URL

Please check if your login URL is correct.

The login URL is " https://s3.kingtime.jp/admin "

Alternatively, " https://s2.kingtime.jp/admin ".


2. ID

Please check that you have entered the correct ID. An error may occur due to use of double-byte characters, reversed uppercase/lowercase letters, spaces, etc.


If you have forgotten your login ID, please contact the master administrator. If you are a master admin and forgotten your ID, please click here.


3. Password

An error will occur if the password is incorrect. The following factors may cause errors.

  • Double-byte characters
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters are reversed
  • Space
  • The "=" character
    *For security reasons, you cannot use "=" in your password or employee code.


If you have forgotten the password for the "master administrator account", you can reset the password from "Forgot your password" on the sign in screen. If the general administrator or employee forgets the password, please reset the password from the administration screen by an authorized administrator.


Signing in through Time Recorder authentication


Screen: Employee screen


Employees can sign into the employee screen (personal time card) from the time recorder (excluding dedicated devices).

To do so, click the [Time Card] button on the time recorder to authenticate.


If login fails this way, it could be for one of the following reasons:


1. Pop-up blocker is enabled

Please disable pop-up blocker in your browser settings ( see ).


2. Authentication has failed

Please check whether the authentication is enabled at "clock-in" and "clock-out", etc.

If you cannot authenticate nor perform other operations, please check your time recorder setup. If you are using the password authentication, please check if your password is correct.


If you have IP address restrictions

Administrators may have restrictions so that they can only log in to the management screen or time clock from a specific IP address.

Please check if the IP address of your network is an allowed address.

Click here for IP address restrictions.

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