What if the popup doesn't open?

Please cancel the pop-up blocker of your OS or register a specific URL.



The recommended environment for this product is as follows. Please use the latest version corresponding to each OS.


* For details on the recommended browsers for KING OF TIME , Please click here


Is it possible to check the certification registration status of the employee's time recorder in a list?


Google Chrome

1. Open Chrome, and click “︙”> [Settings] at the top right of the screen.Thank you for your confirmation.


2. In the settings, click "Detailed settings" at the bottom of the screen.


3. Click [Content Settings] in [Privacy & Security].


4. Click Pop-ups and redirects and allow.


Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer and click Tools> Internet Options.


2. Uncheck [Privacy]> [Pop-up Blocker]> [Enable Pop-up Blocker ] and click [OK].


Microsoft Edge

1. Open Microsoft Edge and click “…”> [Settings] at the top right of the screen.

2. In the settings, click "Pop-ups and redirects" under "Site permissions".

3. Turn off "Block".


*Please note that the operating procedure differs depending on the OS version you are using.

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