Can I delete unused divisions?

Yes this is possible.



It is assumed that no employee is associated with the affiliation to be deleted.


Move the employee by changing the division, or perform the employee deletion process so that there is no employee to belong to.



1. Click Settings  > Organization  > Division Settings  > Delete button for the target division.


2. Check the contents of the confirmation screen below and click the [Delete] button to complete the deletion.


3. If there is at least one employee (including resigned employees) in the division to be deleted, the following screen will be displayed and the deletion cannot be performed.


Impact of deleting

About history of deleting

The history of deleting the division does not remain. If you need to keep information such as your division name, we recommend the following measures. It is a method to group unused division into a group using the "division group function".


1. Select Settings  > Others  > Options  > "Division Group Function" → "Use" to register.


2. Set the following from Settings  > Organization  > Division group settings  > [New registration] and register.

  • Division group name: Please register any name such as "closed group" or "unused".
  • Division group code: Please enter the last character in the display order, such as "xxxxxxx".


3. Assign unused divisions in the division group category .


If you ask the support center, you can temporarily edit / delete the transfer history of your division. At that time, the transfer history to the deleted division cannot be deleted.


In addition, if there are still unapproved applications in the deleted division, the application will be submitted to the approver of the basic application approval flow. please note.


Impact on linked services

"KING OF TIME personnel and labor" and "KING OF TIME data analysis" are linked by "division code" and "employee type code". Therefore, changing the code or deleting "division" and "employee type" will have the following effects.


KING OF TIME Personnel Labor

→ The cooperation process cannot be performed correctly and the employee is deleted.


KING OF TIME data analysis

→ The overtime data that was linked in the past is deleted.


When linking with "KING OF TIME Personnel Labor" and "KING OF TIME Data Analysis", please be careful not to delete "Division" and "Employee type" that are no longer used.

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