What is the display order of the employee list?

The display order is determined according to the internal priority. It is possible to specify the display order within the same department.


Employee list display order rule

The specifications above have higher priority.

  1. Division code

  2. Employee type display order

  3. Employee display order

  4. Employee type code

  5. Employee type name

  6. Employee group ID (cannot be set for internal data)

  7. Employee code
    * The display order of employees with resignation dates is below those of employees without resignation dates. 


About sorting the employee display order

The display order of employees is the employee code order, but you can change the display order as long as you are in the same division. 


  1. Employee」> Employee Settings > Select a specific division and select [Display]> [Display Order Settings] 

  2. Change the order by dragging and dropping, and click [Save]. 

  3. Click the [<Back] button on the upper left of the screen to return to the employee setting screen and check that the display order has been changed .
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