What should I do if a new employee joins the company?

We will guide you through the work required when registering a new employee or registering additional employees.


Required work

Mandatory work

  • Employee registration


Work to be done as necessary

  • Registration of authentication information
  • Help registration
  • Register remaining days remaining
  • Schedule registration

Each work will be explained in turn.


Employee registration

Register a new employee.


1. Settings > Employees > Employee Settings

Select the assigned division and employee type from the drop-down menus and click the [Display] button.


2. Click [+ New registration], enter each item, and click the [Register] button.


In addition to the (required) items, please enter your e-mail address and the date of joining the company if necessary.

The email address is used for email notification when the application is approved (or rejected), and the date of joining the company is used to calculate the number of years of service when managing the number of leaves.


You can confirm the login ID of the target person on the employee setting screen after registration. Please be prepared to provide the login URL, login ID, and password.


* You can set the password from the employee registration screen, but if you do not specify anything in particular, the employee code will be the password as it is.

You can use the email notification function to send an email notification.


Registration of authentication information

This is the process of associating the employee with the authentication information for time record. This is required if you are using biometrics (fingerprint, vein, hybrid) or IC card authentication. For the registration method, refer to the manual of each time recorder.


Registration is done from the time recorder, so in the case of biometric authentication, the work will be done after the employee himself/herself comes to work. If you have prepared your IC card in advance, you can register in advance. (Time record will be possible after joining the company.)


Help registration

If you register help for other members of the staff to a specific time recorder and share the time recorder, you need to register the help for the additional employees.


1. Since there is an input item called "Division that can be recorded" when registering an employee as described above, click the [Edit] button and check the organization to be recorded.


2. Click the [Register] button to return to the employee registration screen. Click the [Register] button again on that screen to confirm the registration.



After completing the help registration, it is necessary to synchronize the information on the management screen with the time recorder by the following procedure.

・Windows desktop version time record
Syncs automatically every hour.
To immediately synchronize manually, click "Update" from [Settings] at the top right of the time recorder.

・Internet Explorer version time recorder
・Cloud recorder
The setting change can be reflected by closing the time recorder and restarting it.
・Chameleon code recorder
・Face recognition recorder
Environment settings> Synchronize employee data and department settings
Click to sync.

・Pit touch series
No need for synchronization.

Automatically synchronizes once a day (around 4:00 AM).
To synchronize manually immediately, open the administrator mode screen of the time clock and tap Data management> [Data copy].


Register remaining days remaining

This is not necessary for new employees, but if you want to manage new employees with this system, you need to register the number of remaining days you have currently.


Leave management > [View] button> [Details] button for the target person> Click the line "Paid leave (subtraction type)" to enter the grant date and the number of grant days in the first line. After entering, click the [Register] button to register the number of remaining days remaining.


*If the effective period is two years and the carry over from the previous year remains, you need to register twice each year. Also, if you have already taken free leave, the number of days less the digested amount will be given.


Example) When the grant date is April 1st, and the last and last two days were granted 20 days each , but the remaining number of days is 35 days because 5 days leave has already been acquired.

  • April 1, 2016……Registered in 20 days
  • April 1, 2015……Registered in 15 days


Schedule registration

In order to manage late and early leave, it is necessary to register a schedule and clarify the scheduled time of attendance.


Registration is not required if the schedule determined for each division or employee type has already been set to be reflected in the automatic schedule settings .


If you do not set the automatic schedule;


All menu > Schedule management > Select the division of the target user, select the copy source schedule in [View]> [Schedule Registration], and assign the schedule to the target user's row.

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