Is it possible to manage employees who work part time?

Yes this is possible.


For employees who work part time (shorter hours) instead of full-time, it is necessary to set a dedicated employee type and schedule pattern.



The setting method will differ depending on the work rules, but here we will explain the setting method when counting according to the following rules.


  • Scheduled working hours per day
    6 hours from 9:00 to 16:00 (excluding 1 hour break)

  • When working longer than the specified working hours
    Work over eight hours overtime
    Record work within 8 hours as overtime


Create employee type setting

Click Settings > Employees > Employee Type Settings > [+New Registration].



After inputting "Overtime start time exceeds 8 hours and 0 minutes, count as overtime" and click the [Register] button.


Change employee type

Change the employee type of employees who work shorter hours to the one created earlier.

Please refer to here for the changing method.


Set contract working hours per day

If you are using only free time when you are on leave or if you are using hourly leave, you need to set the " Daily Contract Work Hours" for employees who work shorter hours .


If the contracted working hours per day are different for each employee type, please set the employee type, and if the contracted working hours for each employee are different even for the same employee type, please set from the employee settings .

  • Settings > Employees > Employee type setting> [New registration] or [Edit]> Expand [Details] item in "Basic information" category> [Daily Contract Work Hours]

  • Settings > Employees > Employee Settings > [New Registration] or [Edit]> Expand the [Details] item in the "Employee Information" category> "Daily Contract Work Hours"


Create a schedule pattern for shorter working hours

Click Settings > Schedule > Pattern Settings > [+ New Registration].


(1)Pattern name

Enter the schedule pattern name for shorter working hours.


Enter 9:00 for work and 16:00 for work.

(3)Break schedule

Enter the scheduled break time.


Set automatic schedule

Use automatic schedule settings when work days are fixed.

* If the day of the week is not fixed, schedule registration manually .


1. Settings > Schedule > Automatic schedule settings


Set the display conditions to "Temporary employees" and "All employee types" and click the [Display] button.


2. The [Schedule Registration] button is displayed. Click it.


Register work days and schedule patterns.


If employees with different working hours such as “9:00 to 16:00” and “9:00 to 16:30” are mixed among employees who work shorter hours, register a fixed schedule with the automatic schedule for each employee.
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