How can I increase or decrease the number of master administrator accounts?

It is possible to elevate the "general administrator" to have the same authority as the "master administrator".


*This procedure can only be performed by the master administrator (ID is 0000000admin). An account that has become an master administrator due to an upgrade or created cannot register a new master administrator.

In addition, it is not possible to increase the number of master administrators (ID is OOOO1admin).



To create an master administrator, follow the procedure below.

  1. Log in with the account of the master administrator (ID is 0x001admin).

  2. Settings " Admin」> Admin settings> Click [+ New registration].

  3. Enter the following items and register.


Admin name

Enter any administrator name (up to 30 characters). 


Admin code

Enter any code (3 to 10 single-byte alphanumeric characters). 


password

Enter any password. It will be the password for this administrator to log in.

The number of digits that can be set depends on your password policy setting . 


Email address

When using the application email sending function, enter the address to receive the application email. 


Admin restriction

Check "Set as master administrator".

This check box is displayed only when you are logged in as a master administrator (ID is 0x011admin) . If unchecked, it is possible to return to general administrator after setting it to master administrator.


please note  

  • The administrator cannot enable or disable authority on his or her own account.
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