I want to send alert notifications to everyone except a specific division. What should I do?

You can set the priority for alert settings.


By setting the priority, you can "not notify some employees" or "notify different managers for each department".


* You can make the same settings for the other notification settings (notification of time stamps, notification of unapplied overtime, etc.) as described below.


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Please change "Alert function" to "Use" in Settings > Other > Options > Attendance management settings.


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Setting method

Click here for the basic operation of alert settings.

See here for the basic operation of notification settings.

We will show you how to set up the following cases.


Case 1

I want to notify everyone except contract employees at Tokyo headquarters


On the target selection screen, set the priority as shown above. Please set the action for the administrator freely.


The conditions on the top row are "Tokyo Headquarters / Contracted Employees" and "Not notify", but the conditions on the second row are "All Organizations / All Employees" and "Notify".


Since the conditions in the upper row have priority, contract employees at the Tokyo headquarters will not be notified, and other employees will be notified.


Case 2

Ichiro Management wants to receive alerts for Tokyo headquarters and Jiro Management wants to receive alerts for Osaka branch offices.


On the target selection screen, set the priority as shown above. Feel free to set actions for employees.


The conditions in the top row are "Tokyo Headquarters" and "Notify Management Ichiro", while the conditions in the second row are "Osaka Branch" and "Notify Management Jiro".


Different notification conditions are set for these two conditions.


In such a setting, there is no problem with priority, so it does not matter which of the Tokyo head office and Osaka head office is in the top row.


As in Case 1, if the conditions partially match (all divisions and Tokyo head office, and all employee types and contract employees), priority will be applied to the matched conditions.
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