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Where can I check the utilization of taking paid leave, etc.?

You can check it from the leave management screen.


Confirmation procedure

You can check by the following procedure.


1. Click [All Menu]> Schedule> Leave Management in the image below.


2. Select the leave category for which you want to check the utilization rate, and click [Display].


3. The “utilization ratio” will be displayed on the next screen.



To check for each individual, click the [Details] button.


Utilization ratio calculation formula

The formula for calculating the paid leave utilization ratio is as follows.


【Calculation formula】

Utilization ratio = (total number of utilization days during the calculation period※1 ÷ Total number of days granted during the calculation period※2 ) × 100

* The same formula applies to hourly vacations


※1 If the calculation period is less than one year, the value calculated by converting the calculation period to one year will be used.

  In addition, the utilization schedule for future days is also calculated as the utilization ratio.


※2 1. The total number of days granted during the calculation period does not include the balance carried over from the previous year.

For example, if the calculation period is from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, the leave granted before March 31, 2017 is not included※2


2. If no new number of grant days occurs during the calculation period, the number of days granted most recently on the first day of the calculation period will be applied. Let's take the employee "Attendance 3" in the above image as an example.


"As of the start of FY2017" is the number of vacation days carried over from the previous year. “Grant” is the number of vacation days granted in this year. “Utilization” is the number of vacation days acquired in this year.


【Calculation formula】

2 days ÷ 12 days × 100 = 16.6%.

The leave utilization ratio is rounded to one decimal place and the percentage is displayed as an integer.


If the target leave was not granted in the year in which the leave was acquired, "--" is displayed for the acquisition rate.


In case of leave management "new method"

Customers with new specifications for leave management will have slightly different calculations.

(Please refer to here for confirmation method of vacation management specifications.)


Regardless of whether or not hourly and minutely vacations are used , the number of days granted and the number of days taken will be converted into minutes .


■Example (in case of "Contracted working hours per day: 8 hours")

Grant: 10.0 / 2H

utilization: 1.0 / 7.23H


↓Converted in minutes ↓


Grant: 10.0 / 2H = 8 × 10 + 2H = 82H

82H x 60 = 4,920 minutes


utilization: 1.0 / 7.23H = 8 x 1 + 7.23H = 15.23H

15 x 60 + 0.23H = 923 minutes


utilization ratio: 923 minutes ÷ 4,920 minutes × 100 = 18.76……

→ 19% (rounded down to the first decimal point)

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