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Why am I not granted time-off when I work on my offday?

The possible causes are:


  • There is no setting for giving holidays when working on holidays.
  • I went to work on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, but the work day type is set as "weekdays."


How to set up holidays

Settings > Schedule > Leave type settings > Click [Edit]> Select "Grant substitute time-off".


After checking "Grant substitute time-off for substitute clock-in schedule", enter the holiday work hours for granting.


 After registration, if you go to work on a holiday, you will be given a paid leave. 

[Example] 1 day for 8 hours and 0 minutes or more

9/1 Holiday work 8.00 → Substitute time-off is automatically given for one day.



Leave type setting> Substitute time-off> Half day vacation: If not used, the number of vacations when going to work on holidays will not be granted even if you register the half-day grant to increase by going to work on holidays.


How to check/set work day type

If the substitute leave is set correctly but no substitute leave is granted, check if the "work day type" of the attendance on that day is "legal holiday" or "non-legal holiday" from the target person's [Time Card] screen.

*"Weekdays" are not treated as holidays.

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