Can I calculate overtime work that exceeds the monthly limit?

Yes this is possible.



The Labor Standards Act was partially revised from April 1, 2010. This means that if the total number of overtime hours in a month exceeds 45 hours, a premium rate of over 25% will be required, and if it exceeds 60 hours, a premium wage of 50% will be required.


This system can separately calculate "overtime work up to 45 hours", "overtime work from 45 hours to 60 hours", and "overtime work over 60 hours", thus simplifying payroll calculation.


Conditions of use

It is assumed that the following settings have been made.


Settings " Others」>Options settings > Attendance management setting " Bonus wage overtime aggregate function": Use the ◯ phase overtime bonus wage



Settings are made for each employee type. The settings are as follows.


Employee」> Employee type setting > [Edit] of target category> Monthly overtime calculation


  • Bonus wage overtime
    Enter the threshold for monthly overtime. If the monthly total of "overtime" exceeds the set value, it will be separately counted as "extra overtime".

    Example) Extra overtime work when the monthly overtime exceeds 45 hours, and extra overtime work 2 when it exceeds 60 hours.

  • Items subject to bonus wage category
    Select the working hours that will be included in the premium overtime calculation.

    Example) When "Overtime + late night overtime" is selected, the ones in which the total of overtime and late night overtime exceeds the threshold is separately counted as "extra overtime" and "extra late night overtime".

    * Displayed when extra overtime is set before June 2021. If it is set after that, the items subject to the surcharge are "Weekday overtime", "Midnight overtime", "Non-statutory holiday overtime", and "Non-statutory holiday midnight overtime" in order to match with the calculation target of the overtime upper limit regulation "Overtime". It is fixed with. The target item cannot be set arbitrarily.

  • Bonus wage priority order
    If both overtime and late-night overtime occur on a work day that exceeds the threshold value, select which of the overtime will be preferentially calculated.

    Example) If there are 2 hours overtime and 2 hours late-night overtime on the work day that exceeds the threshold with 3 hours overtime left, 1 hour will be subject to the bonus aggregation.

    Please select whether one hour is generated from normal overtime and treated as bonus overtime, or whether it is generated from late night overtime and treated as bonus late night overtime


After completing the settings, click [Register] at the bottom of the screen to save the settings.


This change does not apply to the aggregation of days that have already been timed. To reflect the changes in the past aggregated data, attendance recalculation.



There is a system in which paid holidays (alternative leave) are granted in place of the extra wages raised for 60 hours. Although it also supports the function, there is an internal setting required in the support center to use it. Please contact the support center to indicate that you would like to use the "alternative leave grant function".

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