What is "Attendance Data Recalculation"?

When you change the basic settings that affect time calculation (such as employee type settings and pattern settings ), they will not be applied to the aggregation of the days already calculated as they are.


To apply the changes to historical aggregated data, recalculate the attendance data .


Perform time data recalculation

* Attendance data recalculation can be performed only by the "master administrator" or the administrator who has the authority for "attendance data recalculation".


*The closing process can be canceled by the "master administrator " or an administrator who has the "close/unlock" permission for "close".


1. Attendance data recalculation will not be performed on the working day when the closing process is completed.


From All Menu > Closing Status , check if the period you want to recalculate is not closed. If the tightening process has been performed, release the tightening process.


2. Open Settings > Other > Attendance Data Recalculation .


3. Select the period for recalculation. You can select up to 1 month. Also, select the "division" or "employee type category" for which you want to recalculate.


4. Click the Recalculate button. A confirmation screen will be displayed. Click the [Execute] button.


5. When the recalculation is completed, the screen will switch to the monthly data screen.


When time data recalculation is required 

When the employee type setting is changed

If you change the settings related to time calculation in the employee type settings, you need to recalculate. 


When the contents of the schedule are changed in the pattern settings

If you want to change the scheduled time or break settings of an existing pattern and apply the changes on the day when the pattern was registered, you need to recalculate.


When changing the employee type of an employee

For example, let's say you are promoted from a "part-time job" to a "regular employee".


In this case, the employee type of the target person will be changed, but if this process is delayed, it will be aggregated with the setting of "part-time job" until the change is completed.


In this case, we will respond by recalculating the attendance data by specifying the period up to today.


When attendance data recalculation does not affect

Attendance data recalculation is invalid in the following cases. 


Changed automatic schedule settings

Automatic schedule setting is a function that applies the schedule to the days when the schedule is not registered .


Therefore, it does not apply to the days when the schedule has already been registered.


Even if you recalculate, the schedule will not be replaced, so if you want to replace the registered schedule, go to All Menu> Schedule Management .


Since the time record over the next day was attached to the next day, the time record that changed the date change time in the settings of the division is not a total value itself, so the recalculation does not change the time stamped.



When recalculating attendance data for a period one year ago for employee type other than end-of-end,

If you specify the period from the beginning of the month to the end of the month, the attendance data recalculation may not be correct in some cases.


Example) Target employee type “15th closing”

Target period "2018/4/1-2018/4/30"

Since it closes on the 15th, the original April period is "3/16 to 4/15".  

→ In this case, time data recalculation does not take place correctly during the period “4/1 to 4/15”.


This is because there is a restriction that you cannot edit attendance that is over a year ago . In this case, please contact the support center to request the restriction removal.

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