Can I turn off automatic breaks only on certain days?

It is possible to disable the breaks (automatic breaks) set for employee type breaks (*1) or scheduled breaks (*2) only on specific days.


*1 Employee type break

Break time when the employee type is set to "Automatically obtain a 60-minute break for every 481 minutes of work" .


*2 Schedule break

Break time set in the schedule pattern.


Setting up

1. All menu > Daily data > [Display]> [Edit] of target person


2. Edit the schedule Select the break you want to disable in the " Auto break off" item and register it.


3. When both employment break and schedule break are set, it is possible to disable both by selecting "Auto break off".


Schedule requests from employees and editing by general managers are also possible. If you are a general administrator, use an account that has permission for "Schedule Management".

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