How can I change the late night work (hrs) slot?

Setting "Employee" > Employee type setting > [Edit] of the target category> Late night work Please change " Late night working hours ".

* Because this is a required item, you cannot register it if it is left blank.


Important note

・ Please set the Night work time to less than 24 hours.

・ Set different times for the midnight work start time and the midnight work end time.


This change does not apply to the calculation for days that have already been recorded.
To reflect the changes in the past aggregated data, recalculate time data .


Work hours incurred during this period are counted as "late night hours". In addition, if the conditions for overtime work are met, it will be counted as "late night overtime hours".



  • If you want to record only "Late night hours" instead of "Overtime hours", set "Employees".> Employee type setting > [Edit] of target category> Calculate day's overtime work “ Overtime start time ”Please uncheck and leave it unset and then register.

  • If you want to display the total late night hours by adding up the "late night hours" and "late night overtime hours", please use the custom data item setting function .
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