If work pattern starts at 09:00, can I set the exact time at 09:00 as late?

It is possible. You can set the time record to be late for the scheduled work time.


If 09:00 is the scheduled time to work and if you clock in by 08:59 , it will not be treated as late, but clock in at 09:00 will be 1 minute late. The rounding unit that has been set is also taken into account, so if you set the rounding unit for attendance to 15 minutes, it will be counted as 15 minutes late.


As usual, clock in after 09:01 will be treated as late.



It will be effective only when "Schedule pattern" is set on the target work day.


To determine your “start to end” schedule, assign a schedule pattern for the day or create a shift by manually entering the time.



The settings are as follows.


Settings > Employees > Employee type settings > Target employee type [Edit]> Schedule [Details]> "Handling of clock-ins

coinciding with scheduled time": " Treat as late in time record"> [Save]


This change does not apply to the calculation of days that have already been recorded. To reflect the changes in the past data, use  recalculate attendance data .



This is a function that supports only clock in time record, and there is no function to clock out at the same time as the scheduled end time

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