What is the reason for not calculating late-in /early-out hours?

The possible causes are: I will explain each of them.

  • The clock in schedule or clock out schedule is not entered on the day
  • The usage pattern "Late-in/early-out judgment" is disabled


The clock in or clock out schedule is not entered

Display the work data edit screen by one of the following procedures.

  • All menu > Daily data> [Display] by specifying date > [Edit] of target person

  • All menus > Monthly data > Target person's [Time card] > [Edit work] on the day


Select a schedule pattern in the "Pattern" field in the schedule editing area, or enter the scheduled time for clock in and clock out in the "Clock in/ out Schedule" field, and click [Save].


Any differences to your appointment will be displayed as late or early leave.


The usage pattern "Late-in/early-out judgment" is disabled

Please check the following points.


Settings " Schedule "> Pattern settings > [Edit] of target pattern>

Schedule [Details]> Late-in/early-out judgment


If "N/A" is selected in the above item, change it to "--" and register. If you do not want to cancel the invalid selection, please assign a different schedule pattern for the relevant day.


This change does not apply to the aggregation of days that have already been recorded. To reflect the changes in the past aggregated data, recalculate attendance data  .


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