How should I set to calculate for late-in /early-out hours?

Late-in or early-out may or may not be accounted for, depending on the settings.


Conditions for late-in / early-out

It will be recorded under the following conditions.



  • The clock-in schedule is set
  • The actual attendance time record must be after the scheduled clock-in time.



  • The scheduled time to leave work is set.
  • The actual time of leaving work is set before the scheduled clock-out time.




Account for late-in

On the work data edit screen or schedule registration screen, assign a schedule pattern or shift to the target work day .

Example) Scheduled to go to work 09:00 Attendance at work 09:07 → 7 minutes late.


Account for early-out

Assign a schedule pattern, or shift, as for late accruals.

Example) Leave work schedule 18:00 Leave time 17:45 → Leave 15 minutes early.



If you set as follows, late and early leave will not be recorded.


Settings > Schedule > Pattern settings > [Edit] of the pattern> Schedule " Late-in/early-out judgment ": "N/A"


Depending on the setting of rounding, the booked time for late and early leave may change. If you are unintentionally late or leave early, check the following:


(02:43:30 AM) General Affairs Division: You have to choose two, right? Extension " Rounding unit for clock-in / clock-out time record "" Time-record round off condition time"

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