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Is it possible to set transportation expenses? (Labor cost estimate output function)

You can use the personnel cost estimation function to set monthly and daily transportation expenses.


If you enter both monthly and daily transportation expenses, they will be added together at the time of calculation, so enter only one of them.


It can be set for each employee or employee type.


*If there is a unit price setting for both employee type settings and employee settings, the unit price set for the employee will take precedence.



Settings > Other > Options > Time management screen settings tab

> Labor cost estimate output function: It is assumed that Apply is selected.


Settings for each employee

Settings > Employees > Employee Settings > Target employees Other [3] > Click wage


Enter the wage unit.


 ・Monthly transportation fee

If you have attendance even once a month, the full amount will be displayed.


・Daily transportation expenses

The one calculated by multiplying the number of working days is displayed.


If you want to calculate half a day and half the transportation cost on the day when you use half a day off, you need to change the settings at the support center. Please request the following settings using the inquiry form .

  • Calculation method of transportation expenses → Calculated by working days
  • How to count the number of working days when taking a half-day leave → Record as 0.5 days


・For transportation expenses, only integers can be set.
・If a decimal point appears during calculation, the amount less than 1 yen will be rounded up.


Setting for each employee type

Settings> Employees> Employee type settings> Click [Unit price]


The input method is the same as the setting for each employee.



You can check the set transportation expenses on the management screen and data output.


Management screen

Approximate personnel cost It is displayed in the item of the rough estimate.

If there are monthly wages, daily wages, hourly wages other than transportation expenses, the total amount will be added.

*Please note that it is not possible to display only the travel expenses separately.


Data output

You can check monthly data/daily data/time card from the following.

Frequently used menu> Export/Import> Data output (export)> Output layout creation


Please select from the items below.

・Personnel expenses + transportation expenses

・Estimated transportation expenses

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