Is payroll possible?

Approximate calculation based on working hours is possible.

There is no calculation function such as allowance function, so please use payroll software for detailed calculation.



Settings > Other> Options > Attendance management settings>Labor cost estimate output function> Select Apply.



Various unit price registration settings are required. We will explain the following two ways.



Register from the management screen

1.   Click Settings> Employee Settings> Target Employee> Others> Wage.


2. Set various wages.


There are 3 input items: monthly wage, daily wage, hourly wage, but if you register more than one, the totals will be added up, so enter one of them.


① Monthly wage

If there is attendance even on the first day of the month, the full amount will be displayed. It is not prorated.


②Daily wage

Displays the amount calculated by working days x daily wage.


③ Hourly wage

Displays the amount calculated by working hours x hourly wage.


3. Save.

For customers who use working hours in decimal notation, the handling of the third decimal place of working hours can be set as follows.


Settings > Other > Options > Display Settings > The handling of the third decimal place for 10 decimal display.

→ You can select from round down, round up, or round off.

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Register with CSV import

Wage settings for each employee can be bulk imported in CSV.


1. Click All Menu > Export / Import > Data Entry (Import) > Wage Data [CSV] .


2. Select the basic unit price [Monthly wage, daily wage, hourly wage] and click [Import].


3. On the next screen, click [Download template] to download the CSV file.


4. Create data according to the output template for input and save it in CSV format. 

CSV data creation

When outputting in Excel format, select all cells and select "text" from the format cell settings.


5. Import the file.

All menus > Export/Import > Data input (import) > [Wage data [CSV]]



Select the basic unit price "Monthly wage, daily wage, hourly wage" and click [Import]. Click the [Select file] button and select the CSV file you created, and then click [Upload].


6. The input confirmation screen appears. Confirm it and click [Register].


7. When the message of completion of input is displayed on the upper left of the screen, import is completed.



You can check the calculated approximate labor cost by daily data, monthly data, data output, etc.

*If you enter only the monthly salary, it will not be displayed in the daily data.


Management screen

Daily data screen


Monthly data screen


Data output

In the data output, select the approximate personnel cost or personnel cost + transportation cost in the layout.

This function is an approximate labour cost estimate function, so please use it only as a guide. If you wish to make detailed calculations below the decimal point, please use payroll calculation software.


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