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What should I do to set up discretionary work?

This article is guidance on how to set up the system if you are applying the discretionary labor system for project operations model (planning/management-related work) and the specialty services model (professional work).



Although the detailed settings differ depending on the calculation rules, here are the settings for managing attendance based on the following rules.


  • Clock in/out
    Uses time recorder

  • Overtime
    Do not count

  • Late-in/early-out
    Do not count

  • Late-night working hours

  • Working hours on weekends and holidays


Setting up

Create an employee type setting

Click Settings > Employees > Employee Type Settings > [+New Registration].

  • Late-night work hours
    Enter late-night work hours.

  • Calculate day's overtime work
    Uncheck the "Overtime start time" box.


After entering the information, click [Registration].


You can copy the settings of an existing employee type to create a new one.
Click [Edit] on the employee type, change the employee type code and name, and then click [Register As] to copy the settings.


Change employee type

Change the employee type of the employee (whom the discretionary labor system is applied) to the one you have created.

Please refer to this article on how to change the employee type.


This change does not apply to the summary of days that have already been recorded. To reflect the changes in the past calculation data, recalculate attendance data.


Set work day type

Set the workday type to tally the working hours for weekends and holidays separately.


Open [Settings > Schedule > Automatic Schedule Settings], select the employee type, and click the [Show] button to display the [Add schedule] button.


Set the workday type, and click [Registration].


How to count time 

Set the workday type, and click [Registration].


  • Fixed (hrs) (*)
    If the workday type is a weekday, it will be tallied in the "Weekday" line; if it is a statutory or non-statutory holiday, it will be tallied in the "Holiday" line.

  • Overtime and late-night overtime
    Overtime and late-night overtime are not calculated.

  • Late-night working hours (*)
    The working hours for the "Late Night Work Hours" specified in the Employee type setting screen are tallied. If the workday type is a weekday, it will be tallied in the "Weekday" line; if it is a statutory or non-statutory holiday, it will be tallied in the "Holiday" line.

  • Late in and early leave
    Late in and early leave are not calculated.


* Please use the custom data item setting function if you wish to count working hours on statutory holidays and non-statutory holidays separately for fixed hours and late night working hours.


To assign a fixed value to Fixed hours

You may already have specified the deemed working hours for employees who apply to the discretionary labor system.


Basically, you cannot assign a fixed value to the Fixed hours since the working hours are calculated based on the time card.


If you need to export a fixed value, for example for importing data to a payroll system, you can use the monthly data custom item for assigning a fixed Deemed working hour to the Fixed hours.


All menu > Export/Import > Output data (Export)> [Create export file layout] at Monthly data [CSV] >
Custom item for Monthly data > [+ Create new].


On the registration screen shown below, perform settings as follows.


  • Custom item name
    Enter an arbitrary name.

  • Calculation unit
    Select "Hrs".

  • Fixed value
    Enter "160".


The custom item you have created is added to the Monthly data layout settings.

Please add the items you have created to the layout before exporting data.


The above was an example of how to set up a discretionary work system. However, please note the rules and requirements may vary from company to company.
Please feel free to contact our Support Center if you have any difficulties with the settings.
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