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How should I manage direct-visit and no-return?

A direct schedule that calculates the working hours from the set scheduled clock-in time to the time of clock-out without clock-in time record


・ A no-return schedule that calculates the working hours from the  clock-in time to the set scheduled time of clock-out without clock-out time record.


・ A direct visit/no-return schedule that does not perform clock-in record or clock-out record, and regards the period from the set scheduled clock-in time to the scheduled clock-out time as working hours.


Can be registered respectively.


Setup steps

Settings  > Schedule  > Pattern settings  > [+ New registration]


When creating, please select "Schedule type" as follows.


  • In the case of direct: Direct (discretionary clock-in)
  • In the case of bounce: No-return (discretionary clock-out)
  • In the case of direct bounce: Direct visit/no-return (discretionary clock-in and clock-out)

* After registering the pattern, the "schedule type" cannot be changed. If you make a mistake, please re-register.


On days when this schedule is set, it is considered that the time record has been recor and the working hours are automatically recorded. for that reason,


・ For direct-visit: No clock-in record is required.



・ For no-return: No need to clock-out on your departure.



・ For direct visit/ no-return : No need to clock-in/out.



For the no-return pattern assigned to a future date, working hours will be recorded when the day arrives.
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