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Is it possible to register an auto schedule for the entire company?

With the auto schedule setting, the same company-wide schedule can be registered in a batch.


You can also copy the registered auto  schedule to other divisions or employee types.


Set an auto schedule for the entire company

1. At Settings> Schedule> Auto Schedule settings

Set the display conditions to "All divisions" and "All employee type" and click [Display]. Click on the display button [Schedule Registration].


2. The screen will switch to the screen where you can enter your weekly schedule. Select the work day type or schedule pattern and click [Register].


3. The company-wide schedule settings will be change at one go.


Copy the auto schedule and reflect it in other divisions and employee type

1. Select the division or employee type for which the schedule pattern has already been registered, and click [Copy].

* If you have set the "Division/Employee type to be used" for the created schedule pattern, the [Copy] button will not be displayed, so check the schedule pattern settings.


2. Select the check box of the employee type or division of the copy destination and click [Register].


3. The confirmation screen will be displayed.

Click [Register] to copy the settings to the selected employee type or division.


The set automatic schedule is assigned to a blank day that has not been assigned a schedule. It will not be overwritten on days (--) that have already been assigned a schedule.

*If the schedule is already assigned, it will not be overwritten, so you need to register manually.
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