What is "Data by divisions and groups"?

◆ All menu > Work data > Data by divisions and groups

It is a screen that displays work data aggregated by affiliation and employment classification unit.


Detailed description


(1)Specifying display conditions

Specify the division, employee type, display period, etc.

Click the [Display] button to display the data.


*Total unit

Select the unit for which you want to check the aggregate value, such as "Affiliation" and "Employment classification" (multiple selections are possible).



・Display at employee's place of work... Confirm the data of the employee who worked in the selected division.


(2)Aggregate unit

The number of days worked, the number of leaves taken, working hours, etc.

Aggregate or display by unit of division or employee type.


Various operations

・[Excel output]… Download the data screen for each division in Excel format.

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