What kind of processing can be performed on the "Work data edit screen"?

On this screen, you can change the time record data, schedule, and other general attendance.


How to create

  • Daily data> [Display]> [Edit] of the target person

  • Monthly data> [Display]> [Time Card] of the target> [Edit] of the target date

  • Employee search > Enter the employee code or surname of the target person and click [Search].>[Time Card] >[Edit] on the target day
  • Schedule management > [Time card] of the target person> [Edit] on the target date


Conditions of use

  • Master administrator
  • General manager with "view / edit" authority for "schedule management" and "results / time record"


Table of contents


Time record edit

You can edit the time stamped by the employee or create a new one.


Time record type

  • Select one from work, leave, start break, and end break.


Time recorder method

  • The stamped by the employee is displayed as the authentication method such as finger , static , HB , IC , CC , P, etc.
  • Editing by the administrator is displayed as volume .
  • Recording by the application and approval will be displayed as sure.


Actual result/ time record

  • Enter the time record data. You can register in hh:mm or hhmm format.
    * For example, 09:00 can be registered with either "0900" or "900".



  • The division of the time clock that made the time record is automatically reflected.



  • Check to delete the time record data in the target column.

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Edit schedule

Edit the schedule, work day type, half day off, etc. for the day.



  • Select when applying the schedule pattern.


Scheduled to work/leave

  • You can directly enter the scheduled work time and scheduled work time.


Work hours

  • Enter the range to be included in the time calculation for the working hours before and after work.
    Working hours before the start time are not included in time calculation.
    Working hours after the end time are not included in time calculation.


Break schedule

  • You can directly enter the scheduled break start time and the scheduled break end time.


Break schedule hours

  • Enter the break time that is always subtracted from the prescribed working hours. Please use it when you cannot specify the time in "Schedule break".


Work day type

  • Please select either weekdays, legal holidays or non-legal holidays. Click here for detailed specifications .


Half-day vacation type

  • Select to use half holidays within the work schedule.


Clock-in division

  • The division that performed attendance is displayed.
  • The division of the time clock that performed the time record is automatically reflected in the time record edit field "Time record division", and the "Time stamp affiliation" of the last time stamp is reflected as this "Work attendance". If the "division" and the employee's division are different, it will be displayed as help attendance.
  • The future schedule division data will be overwritten by the division that made the latest time record data.


Auto break

  • You can disable automatic breaks on a daily basis.
  1. Employee type break……Disables the breaks given according to working hours.
  2. Schedule break... Disables the break set in the schedule pattern.
  3. All automatic breaks……Disable both 1 and 2 above.



  • If you have additional information about this workday, enter it within 250 characters. 

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Time calculation result

The recorded time and the working hours calculated based on the schedule and other settings are displayed. If you use time division, the working hours corresponding to the time division are displayed.

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About the operation buttons

(1) "Back" button

  • Returns to the previous screen without reflecting the edited result.


(2) "Reference edit history" button

  • Display a list of the employee's time edit history.


(3) "Close attendance" button

  • Close the attendees' attendance on this day.
    After closing, general administrators cannot edit or apply, but employees cannot apply.


(4) "Completely delete work" button

  • Delete the registered data and return to the unentered state.


(5) "Save" button

  • The edited data will be reflected and the work data edit screen will be displayed again.
  • If the administrator authority is “View/Apply”, the button name will be “Schedule application/Time record application”. The application contents will be reflected when approved by the administrator set in the approval flow.
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