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Is it possible to create an alert for the time record when there is no work schedule?

Yes this is possible.


Even if the schedule pattern or shift attendance schedule is not registered, the date with the time record data can be displayed in "Processes requiring action" and "Time record error".


Setting method

Please follow the steps below to register.


Settings " Others」> Options settings > Attendance data error settings “ No time rec./Schedule”: Display> [Registration]


Case with time record but no schedule

This is displayed when the time record data exists on the following days.

  • Scheduled clock in/ clock out is not registered
  • Schedules for clock in and clock out are not set in the assigned schedule pattern



In operation, when using an empty schedule with only the schedule name registered, unintended work days will be handled as an error due to the above specifications. To avoid this, aboveCases marked with can be excluded from the error by the following procedure.


Settings " Schedule」> Pattern setting > [Edit] of target pattern> Advanced features Unregistered schedule: Don't regard unspecified schedule as Attendance data error」>Check "Don't enter unattended work schedule as an error"> [Register]


As a result, even if the attendance schedule/leave schedule is not entered in the pattern, it will not be treated as an error work.

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