Is it possible to delete all attendance data for employees who are not working (before hired date and after resignation)?

Yes this is possible.


It is possible to check the attendance data (time records and schedule) existing before joining the company and after leaving the company, and delete all of them at once.


Confirmation method

In the "Attention!" displayed on the left side of the home screen, "Attendance outside tenure" is displayed. Click it.


Or, directly click the "Overtime work" tab on All menu  Attendance error work screen, and move to the "Attendance outside tenure" screen.


About the processing method of outside working tenure

You can check the number of time records and schedules registered before joining the company or after resigning on the "Working outside tenure" screen .


  • [Employee Settings] : Click here if you want to correct the wrong hired date the company/resignation date.
  • [Delete All] : Click here and then click [Delete] on the confirmation screen to delete all attendance data outside the period of enrollment. You cannot restore the deleted data. Please be careful when deleting.


* Even if there is stamped data before joining the company or after retirement, it will be counted as the number of users.


How to use bulk delete

For example, by specifying a temporary "hired date" as today, you can remove all attendance data before today by excluding employees before today. Please use it when you want to delete all the test data registered in the past.


The time records and schedules before joining the company will be displayed within 3 months from today.
Please note that if the date is older than the past 3 months, it will not be considered as "off-the-job" and you cannot delete it by the method described in this content.
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