Is it possible to check the list of past approved and rejected applications?

Yes this is possible.


You can check all menus > Request approval > Confirmed tab.


Screen explanation


(1)You can specify the division and employee type to be displayed.


(2)You can select the display period. You can specify the period with either " All", "Applicable date" or "Request date".


(3)You can specify the requesting employee of the application to be displayed by employee code.


(4)You can specify the requesting employee of the application to be displayed by last name.


(5)You can specify the application to be displayed in the application message.


(6)View work schedules and leave requests.


(7)Displays the request for time record.


(8)Display the application for supplementary items.


(9)Display the application for new employee registration from the general administrator who has the authority setting of "Employee settings: ■View/Apply" .


(10)Display overtime applications.

*If you have applied for overtime work with "Overtime work upper limit", this will be "Overtime work upper limit application".


You can check the details by clicking where the bar is yellow like "Overtime application" . You can check the content of the application and whether it was approved or rejected.


(1)You can check whether you have approved or rejected. When you click [Details], the following screen is displayed and you can check the details.


(2)Display the applicable day. You can also check the current work status by clicking [Work Data].


(3)You can check the closing status.


(4)You can check the employee data for the application.


(5)You can check the application details.

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