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Is it possible to prevent work hours that exceed the scheduled attendance time (core time) from being calculated as "overtime hours"?

Yes this is possible.



In this system, work hours on weekdays are roughly classified into the following three categories (except late-night).


  • Fixed (hrs)
    This is the working hours that elapse between the scheduled clock in time and the scheduled clock-out time (core time).
  • Extra hours (hrs)
    This is the working time that exceeds the scheduled work time (core time) and becomes overtime.

  • Setting "Employee"> Employee type setting> [Edit] of target category>
    • Overtime start time of day "Overtime start time"
    • Monthly overtime calculation "Variable working hour": [Settings]> Weekly criterion time, Monthly criterion time

It is calculated according to the accounting rule set above. It will be set if it exceeds 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 170 hours a month, etc. If you set the daily, weekly, and monthly overtime start times at the same time, all overtime hours are totaled.


If you do not need to record "non-scheduled time" such as flextime system, you can add it to "scheduled time" and display it by the following settings.


Change employee type settings

Setting " Employee "> Employee type setting > [Edit] of target category> Calculate day's overtime work [Details]> " Extra Hours Work allocation type ": " Set to fixed hours"> [Save]


This change does not apply to the aggregation of days that have already been recorded. To reflect the changes in the past aggregated data, recalculate attendance data  .
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