Can I also count working hours on days when the leave schedule is assigned? (Supplemental items)

Yes this is possible.


If you make a time record on a leave pattern, it will result in an error, but you can use the "supplemental work item records" function to record both leave patterns and working hours.


When time record on leave

This work is an error work. (The leave pattern is being recorded.) " is an error, and the number of leave days and working hours cannot be recorded.


If you want to record the schedule for full-day leave and working hours

1. Create a supplemental working record . The setting method of " supplemental work items " is explained in detail in this content. If you do not see the working record item settings, please contact the support center.

Settings> Other> [Supplemental item settings]


Example) "Supplemental working records setting" > Create "1000 emergency response".


  • "Use group setting" > Create an available group.
  • "Use condition setting" > Set the condition to be available.


2. Edit work data   > Select "Emergency response" in "Edit supplemental work record". Enter the time you want to count as working hours in "Start time-End time".


If you want to display the supplemental working record on the time card, you need to create a new item from the custom data item settings.


Custom data item settings

Settings> Display> [Custom data item settings]

Create required items for each day/month.


See here for custom data item settings.

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