Is it possible to output a fixed numerical value such as "0" for monthly data export?

Yes this is possible.

You can add a fixed value to the output layout item in "Monthly data custom item".


*This operation can be performed by an administrator who is a "Master administrator " or has "◯View/Edit" permission for the basic setting "Option".


Setting up

The settings for the monthly data custom items are as follows.


All menu > Export / import > Data output (Export)> [Monthly data [CSV]] beside " Create layout> > Monthly data custom item > [+Create new]


Please set the following items on this registration screen.

  • Custom item name: Enter an arbitrary name (eg "0 hour fixed" "0 day fixed" etc.).

  • Calculation unit: Select from time, day, and numerical value.

  • Fixed value: Enter the number you want to set (eg "0" etc.).

  • Use as calculated value : Not output (fixed value is output as it is) *When "Yes" is selected, the fixed value is added to the attendance item and output.


After setting each item, click [Register] at the bottom of the screen. On the returned screen, switch to "Monthly data layout setting" and click [Edit] of the layout for which you want to add a fixed value.


Displayed items : Items selected

You can now select the fixed value you registered in the list. Double-click to add and then click the [Register] button to save.

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