What is "Wage Data [CSV]"? * Data output (export)

◆ All menu > Export > Data output (Export)> [Wage data [CSV]]


Employee unit price data can be output in CSV format.

*This item is displayed only when "Use" is selected in Settings > Other > Options > "Labor cost estimate output function" .


On this operation screen, the unit price data set for each employee is output. To output, select "Employee unit price", "Employee type", "Division", "Employee group" and click the [Data output] button.


About employee unit price

Unit price data is classified into the following two types.

  • Basic unit price (monthly salary unit price, daily salary unit price, hourly salary unit price)
  • Hourly wage rate by time zone(*)


Settings > Others > Options > This can be set only when "Use" is selected in "Time zone classification function" .


Please enter these unit prices from the following screen.


Settings > Employees > Employee settings (or employee type settings )> [Unit price]

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