What is [Employee Group Data [CSV]]? *Data output (export)

It is a function to export the assignment status to which employee group the employee belongs to. The output format is CSV (separated by commas).


Conditions of use

It is assumed that the following settings have been made.


Settings " Other "> Options > Time management settings " Employee group function ": Use



The export procedure is as follows. First, open the screen below.


All menu >Export / import > Data output (Export)> [Employee group data [CSV]]


Select the affiliation/employment category/employee group to be output and click the [Data output] button to download the data assigned to each employee.


This file is easy to see when opened with CSV editor software or Excel. The part containing the number "1" is the group to which the employee is assigned.


For example, in the figure below, Ichirou Ichirou and Hanako Ito belong to the employee group "sorting", and Hanako Ito belong to the employee group "cash register".


The data output here is


All menu > Export / import > Data input/output (import)> [Employee group data [CSV]]


It can also be used as a template for uploading with. However, Excel will change the number such as "001" to "1", so please be careful when editing.

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