What is "Auto schedule data for each employee [CSV]"? *Data input (import)

◆ All menus > Export/Import > Data input (import) > [Automatic schedule data by employee]


*This function is displayed when using the "Auto schedule function by employee". To use the "Auto schedule function for each employee", you need to request at the support center.


In this operation screen, the automatic schedule data for each employee is imported in CSV format.



1. Click [Download template for input] in "1. Download template" to download the template (CSV format) . Save it on the desktop.


2. Open the saved CSV file with Notepad or Excel. Save the file in CSV format when you have finished.


For an example of input , please read "Read me first" on the screen for entering automatic schedule data by employee .


3. Click [Select File] in "2. Select CSV File" and select the created CSV file.


4. Click [Upload] to display the confirmation screen. If there is no problem, click the [Register] button. The import will start.


*If the error list is displayed, you need to modify the CSV file, delete all error elements, and then upload again.


*If you input the data of the registered day, the target data will be updated.

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