When importing CSV data, the error "Employee code does not exist" is displayed. What should I do now?

If the employee code you are trying to import does not match the code of an existing employee of this system, the corresponding error will occur. Make sure you have entered the code correctly.


However, if you create an import file in Excel, you may get a title error even if you entered the code correctly. In this case, please try the following remedies.


Causes and countermeasures

Excel automatically omits the leading "0" when displaying numbers, so even if you intend to enter "001", it will be converted to "1". There are the following two countermeasures.

  • Select "String" in the format of the cell that is "1" and re-enter "001".
  • Select "User Defined" in the format of the cell that is "1" and specify the number of digits.

* Right-click on the corresponding cell in the Excel sheet to select "Format Cell".


When selecting user-defined

If you want to specify a 3-digit code that starts with 0, enter "000" in the "Type" field and click [OK] to change from "1" to "001".


please note

Please note that if you reopen the saved csv data in Excel, the format will be restored. The content of the csv data will be text data. Therefore, please use a text editor such as Notepad when editing.

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