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What is "time record data [CSV]"? *Data input (import)

◆ Export/Import > input data (Import)> [Time record [CSV]]

* To perform this operation, the general administrator must have the [actual result/ time record] view/edit authority for all divisions.


On this operation screen, you can import the time record data as CSV data. The maximum number of registrations at one time is 1,000. Past data can be registered up to 6 months before the present, and future data can be registered up to 1 month after the present.


* If you import the stamped data on a working day that already exists, it will be "Add new" instead of "Overwrite".


* If you import the wrong stamped data, you will need to manually delete it. Please be careful.


* If you would like to import the time recorded data 6 months or more ago or the recorded data 1 month or more ahead, please contact the support center.


Create CSV data

Prepare the CSV data to import.


Export/Import > Input data (import) > Time record [CSV]


1. Click [Download template] in "1. Download template file" to download the template (CSV format). Save it on the desktop.


2. Open the saved CSV file with Notepad or Excel. Enter the information exactly as in the title line (1st line) and save the file in CSV format.


CSV setting items

  • Employee code  
  • Name      
  •   Time-record type code
    → 1 is clock in, 2 is clock out, 3 is start break, and 4 is end break.
  •  Actual result/ time record   
    → The date format is entered in alphanumeric characters as a 12-digit number of YYYYMMDDHHMM.


*After creating the data:
Sample line 
 "123456, Taro Kawasaki, 1,200602280900".  


For details on how to enter the values and precautions when creating the file , please read the "Readme" at the top of the screen for entering the time record data.




Import the prepared CSV data.


1. Click [Select File] in "2. Select CSV File" and select the created CSV file.


2. Click [Upload] to display the confirmation screen.


3. If there is no problem, click the [Register] button. The import will start.
*If the error list is displayed, you need to modify the CSV file, delete all error elements, and then upload again.


4. When registration is complete, a message indicating that the time record data has been downloaded is displayed in the upper left of the screen.


If you have entered the time record data, [Edit] [Edit] will be displayed at the beginning of the time record.

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