What can I do with the operation menu on the employee screen (PC login)?

When an employee logs in with his / her own ID / password, he / she can check the time card. In this content, we will inform you about the items displayed in the "menu" (three-line icon) at the top of the screen .


Work data

Time-card custom

This is the initial display screen. Shows individual time cards.



Available schedule patterns

Lists the schedule patterns set by the administrator that are available to the target employee. A schedule pattern is a pattern of schedules such as attendance / leaving time. Choose from these patterns when applying for work schedules or vacations.


There are three types of schedule patterns: "normal work," "discretionary work," and "all-day leave."

  • Regular work: A pattern in which employees work by clocking-in.
  • Discretionary work: It is a pattern to work without recording when going around.
  • Full-day vacation: A leave pattern such as paid holidays.


In addition, the start time limit indicates the time when the employee can leave early (the time when the attendance calculation starts). The end time limit is the time when an employee can work overtime (the time when the attendance calculation ends).



Application history (past 60 days)

Applications for working days within the last 60 days are displayed. To withdraw your application, click the trash can icon in the "Cancel" column.


Change Password

You can change your login password. Enter your current password and set a new password. Please set the password according to your company's password policy .

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