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Is the API time record also similar to regular time record which associates to specific workday?



The rules for searching the work days to be linked are different between API time record and time record. 


When recording time record with a time recorder

When time records are made with the time recorder, “work time record” refer to the division settings> “Date change time” to find the associated work day.


If the latest "attendance time record" is within 48 hours, the other "clock-out time record" and "break start/end time record" will be linked to the same work day as the "attendance time record" .

*If there is no latest time record within 48 hours, refer to "Date change time".

*The same applies to LINE WORKS.


In case of API time record

In the case of API time record, regardless of the time record type, refer to "Date change time" and search for the associated work day.


For this reason, if you leave the work at night and use the API to cross the dates, the attendance and departure may not be linked to the same work day, resulting in a marking error.

* The same applies to secure login and time record with Akerun.

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