If there is a time record error, can I be notified by email?

Yes this is possible.


If there is an error in the attendance of the previous day, you can send an email notification to employees and managers.


Target error work

  • Time record error
  • No time record/ Scheduled specified(※)
  • With time record/ schedule unspecified(※)
  • Consecutive work(※)

(*)… This is an item that can be displayed for error work on the Options> “Attendance data error settings” tab. If "Display" is set, it can be set in "Attendance error notification".


After continuous work has reached the preset number of days, if continuous work continues, you will be notified daily.


Error work notification screen



Setting method

1. Click Settings > Other > [Notification Settings] > "Attendance data error settings” tab.


2. First, select the notification timing.


Up to three notification timings can be set for "Time record error found", "No time rec./Schedule" and "Unregistered schedule". Also. Re-notification is possible until the error is resolved, re-notification can be set up to 30 days, and the notification target is the set number of days + 1 day ago attendance .



"Continuous work" can be notified once a day if you have worked continuously for more than the number of days set in the option.



-"09: 00" and "09:30" cannot be newly selected to reduce the server load.
・ The email notification function is only compatible with Japan time. Please note that time zones other than Japan time are not supported.


3. Next, click the [Select Target] button.


4. On the next screen, click the [New registration] button, select the target to which you want to send the notification email, and register.

If you want to notify the employee, select "Applicable division" and "Employee type" and set "Notify" of "Email notification to employee".

*Settings> Employees> The email address registered in the employee settings will be the notification destination.


If you want to notify the administrator, click the [Select] button of the "Email notification to admin" item and select the admin of the notification destination.

*The email address registered in Settings> Admin> Admin settings will be the notification destination.


5. You can select multiple conditions. To set the priority between conditions, set the priority level above or below the "Priority" field and click the [Save Priority] button.


The priority is checked in order from the top and the one that the employee's division/ employee type matches is applied. Therefore, the order of priority must be moved up in the "Notification target settings" (eg, narrowed division, narrowed employee type etc.) that is set in detail .


The order of priority can be moved with "^" "v" on the left side. Click "^" "v" to move it and confirm with [Save Priority].


6. If you want to notify the KING OF TIME time recorder app (for employees), check "Notify KING OF TIME app".


* The administrator app will not be notified. Please be careful.

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