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When are you not eligible for the "Obligation to take paid holidays 5 days a year" alert?

I will explain two examples that are not subject to the alert of " Obligation to take paid holidays 5 days a year " .


Please read first-How to identify how to grant paid leave-
All menus > Leave management > [Details] for each employee > Expand “paid leave”

You can check the history of paid holidays on the above screen. The grant method is displayed in the "Grant type" column of the grant history.

Yearly paid vacation : "Indicates that the paid leave was granted by the " paid leave grant function ".
Manual grant : Indicates that the leave was granted by a method other than the "paid leave grant function" (one of the methods introduced in this article ).


[1] There are two "manual grants" within one year

Manual grants are alerted only if there is a period of one year or more since the last grant.


As shown in the example below, if there is a second manual grant (April 1 of the same year) within one year from the first manual grant (January 10), neither grant will be subject to the alert.


[2] There are "yearly paid vacation" and "manual grants" on the same day.

If "Yearly paid vacation" and "Manual grant" exist on the same day, the alert will not be applied even if the total number of grant days is 10 days or more.



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