Is it possible to export "Paid leave data"?

Yes this is possible.


You can also output the past three years.


Export method

1. Click "Administration screen home > Frequently used menu > "Export/Import" > "Annual paid leave data [EXCEL]".


2. Select the target year to export, the division and employee type of the target employee, and click [Output data].


3. The confirmation screen will appear. If you want to select employees individually, click [Select Employee] on this screen. Click [Output data] to export in EXCEL format.


*The maximum number of employees that can be exported at once is 100. If you want to export 101 or more people, you can select "2 pages (101 to 200 people)" and export again.


4. One sheet is exported for each employee.


The export target period is one year from the start date of the business year (fiscal year) , taking into account the closing date. (Example: If the start date of the business year (fiscal year)  is “April 1”, and the closing date is “15th closing”, it will be one year from 3/16 to 3/15 of the following year.) Since it is not one year from the first reference date, please be careful.


For those who do not meet the "5 Days Mandatory Leave", export the "Paid leave data" for 2 years, or select "All menu" on the management screen> Work style reform> 5 Days Mandatory Leave. You can find it on the Obligations tab.


"Please note that the number of years of service is exported as the number of years from the date of joining the company to the first reference date. If there is no first reference date, years of service will not be exported either.


Resigned employees within the year are also included in the export data.


It is not possible to set the layout. If you want to change the layout or contents, please perform secondary processing after EXCEL output.
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