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Is it okay to delete a schedule pattern that is no longer used?

There is no problem if your past attendance does not need to be changed.


Prior confirmation

The patterns used for "Automatic schedule" and " Future days" cannot be deleted, so please check first.


No applicable date at this time


It cannot be deleted if it is used with the following settings.

  • Automatic schedule
  • Automatic schedule setting for each employee
  • Future schedule

The settings are made somewhere in the schedule, so you need to remove the settings before you can delete the pattern.


Check automatic schedule settings

Settings> Schedule> [Automatic Schedule Settings]> [Display]

Please check if the corresponding pattern is not set.


Automatic schedule setting for each employee

TOP screen > Export/Import > Data output (Export) > Automatic schedule data output by employee > [Data output]

Please check if the corresponding pattern is not set.


Future schedule

TOP screen > Schedule management > [Display]

Please check if the corresponding pattern is set for future days.


*If it is difficult to confirm the pattern name, specify the display conditions> Option: Check the pattern name is not omitted and click [Display]. All the pattern names are displayed. Shortcut key search ( Ctrl+You can search for the corresponding pattern using ( F ) .  


Comparison image



A note will be displayed when deleting the pattern. Check it and click the [Delete] button.


Past attendance data will not be changed by deleting the pattern.


Pattern display after deletion


Before deletion


After deletion

(Update: Deleted date) is displayed after the name of the pattern that was deleted.


Deleting a pattern does not delete the pattern that was previously assigned.
However, note that if you delete a pattern and then change and save the previously assigned pattern, the deleted pattern cannot be selected.


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