What kind of settings can be made in "Time Recorder Settings" on the management screen?

You can change the operation and display of the time recorder and network settings with an administrator account.


*This operation can be performed by an administrator who has the "◯View/Edit" permission for the "Master Administrator" or the basic setting "Division/Time Recorder Settings".


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Time recorder setting overview

The items in the time recorder settings vary depending on the type of time recorder you are using.  

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Setting change

Log in to the management screen and go to Settings > Organization > Time Recorder Settings .

  • When you want to make settings that are common to all
    Editing "Basic time recorder settings"

  • When you want to change settings for each department
    Editing "Time Recorder Settings by Division"

Click the [Edit] button on each line.

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Reflect on time recorder

After changing the settings, restart the time recorder. It will be synchronized with the registration information on the management screen when it is displayed again.


■Windows desktop version customers

Customers using the desktop version of the time recorder can also apply by clicking the [Settings] button> Update data> [Yes] at the top right of the time clock screen .

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Each item

This section describes each item on the time recorder registration screen.


※please note
Depending on your settings , both the items available for the Windows desktop version and the items available for the Internet Explorer version may be displayed. Items for the Windows desktop version are not applicable to the Internet Explorer version. 

...... Only applicable for Internet Explorer version.
......Applicable only for Windows desktop version.
Other than that ... Applies to both Windows desktop version and Internet Explorer version.


Basic information

  • Division name
    The division name is displayed.
  • Division code
    Division code is displayed.


Operation setting

  • Authentication device
    Set the authentication device type (finger hybrid authentication, IC authentication, etc.). In [Timer URL Send] of the time recorder setting,The setting information for the authentication device selected here is displayed.

  • Authentication level
    Adjust the accuracy of biometrics.Displayed only when Finger vein authentication, Fingerprint authentication, or Finger hybrid is selected.


◇Operation mode

  • Normal mode
    Imprinted data can be confirmed on the management screen immediately after communicating with the server. However, if communication with the server fails for some reason, the stamped data will be temporarily stored on the local computer. Select the normal mode unless you have a particular reason.

  • Always online mode
    It always works by communicating with the server. The recorded data is not saved in the local computer even when offline. Therefore, if you cannot communicate with the server, you will not be able to record your attendance. Also, the time recorder cannot be started. It always communicates with the server, so it is guaranteed that the time record is correct.

  • Dial-up mode
    This mode does not connect to the network unless instructed by the user. The recorded data is always stored in the local computer and can be sent at any time. This mode is provided for customers with non-always-on line environments such as dial-up lines.

    Even in this mode, it automatically connects to the server once every hour to set the clock. Therefore, if you are not connected to the network, the "Failed to record clock-in/out" dialog will be displayed. Please note in advance.


Time-record alert:(*1)

Select whether to display a warning message at the time of clock-in. You can display a warning on the time recorder when you make an inconsistent time record , such as when you go to work or the same time record as when you go to work, or when you make a break time record when there is no work time record.


Re-authentication interval for the same code:(*1)

This is the item "Basic time recorder setting only" . Set the interval in seconds before re-authenticating with the same code. You can set from 3 to 60 seconds.

*If the time is set to 3 seconds or less, the "Screen for accepting time record" will not be displayed when attendance is completed (time records will be accepted normally).


◆Certification registration for other employees

This item is for basic time recorder settings only. Set whether or not employees of other departments can register for certification.


◆ How to select an employee when registering for authentication and help

Set the employee selection method when performing certification registration or help registration.


◆ How to select employees for password authentication

Set the employee selection method when performing password authentication with the time recorder.


◆Display language

Select the display language of the time clock from Japanese or English.

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View settings

Time record button setting

You can set the display of the time record button.

  • Mode operation
    The time record type once selected remains selected until it is manually changed.

  • Select every time function
    If you select "Clock-in" or "Clock-out" and record, it will return to the standby mode. The employee to time record next will select “Clock-in” or “Clock-out” again.


◆Auto mode switch

Set the time when the clock-in/clock-out buttons are automatically selected. This can be set only when the button operation is "Mode operation" in "Time record button setting".


Display time card button

Select whether to display the [Time Card] button on the time clock.


Dislplay help registration button

Select whether to display the [Help registration] button on the time recorder.

*The Internet Explorer version of the time recorder has a [Part-time] button displayed.


◇ Display clock-in status display button

Set whether to display the "Clock-in status display" button on the time recorder. You can check the attendance status of employees in your organization on a daily basis from the time recorder.


◆ Specified workday time-record

When set to "Apply", the work day designation button is displayed on the time record.


◆Display the clock-in status display button (Desktop version)

When set to "Yes", the attendance status display button is displayed on the time recorder.


◆Display time record history (Desktop version):

When set to "Yes", the stamp history is displayed in the upper right of the time recorder screen.


◇ Display size

Set the display size of the time recorder. Usually, you can select from three types of SVGA and VGA.

*This setting is valid only when displayed with Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

  • Normal (XGA)
    It supports 1024 x 768 pixels or more.

  • SVGA
    A time radar is displayed with a size of 800 x 600.

  • VGA
    The time recorder is displayed in a size of 680 x 480.

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network settings

Time-record time out

If you cannot connect to the server for more than the specified time during the time recording, the time record data will be saved on the PC.


IP access restrictions

Specify the global IP address that can be specified for the time recorder.There is no limit to the number of registrations.
(To use the IP access restriction function, you need to switch at the support center.)


◆ NTP host

Set the NTP host used to set the clock of the time recorder. If there is no setting, the public NTP host will be used automatically.

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Mobile browser time-record・My Recorder Settings

Location acquisition mode

Set whether to acquire location information when time record from the browser.


If you check "Disable time-record when location information cannot be obtained", if the location information of the terminal cannot be obtained, you will not be able to record your attendance.

If you need to obtain location information, please check it as well.


Enter password when logging in using mobile browser

Set whether to enter the password when displaying the time record on the mobile browser.


My recorder password required function

Set whether to enter the password when time record or displaying the time card on the My recorder.

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