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What is "monthly data [CSV]"? *Data output (export)

This is a function that can output summary data by month or any period (within 3 months) in CSV format. It is used for payroll software linkage.


please note
If you have changed the setting of the employee type or changed the employee type, the data will be output with the setting contents of the employee type at the time of output without recalculating the attendance data. There may be a difference between the value that can be checked on the management screen and the value of the output data. Please make sure to change the setting of the employee type or change the employee type after outputting the data.



*This operation can only be performed by master administrators or general administrators whose "option" authority is "◯ view/edit".

Create a layout for export in advance. If it has already been created, the following operations are not required.


1. Management screen Home > Frequently used menu > Export/Import > Data output (export) category > [Monthly data [CSV]] Right [Create output layout]Click [+ New]  .


2. After entering each item, click [Register]. 

  • layout name
    Enter any layout name such as "for payroll" (within 20 characters).

  • data orientation
    Select the data output direction. Most payroll software adopts a vertical orientation.

  • export item name
    Select whether to add a header row that displays item names such as fixed hours, overtime hours, etc. In addition, if you enter an arbitrary item name separated by commas in the "Custom item name", it is also possible to output it as an item name. The item name is specified from the salary software side. Please use it on occasion.
    * "Fixed working hours" = "KT01" etc. 

  • quoted string
    Select whether to output each number enclosed in "" (double quotations).To do.

  • time format
    Select the display format when outputting with this layout.

  • selectable item
    Move the necessary items in the payroll software from "Selectable items" on the left to "Selected items" on the right . Where data that cannot be output by this system is required, click [Add Blank] to skip one item.
    *For details on each item, see here .


Export procedure

*This operation can only be performed by master administrators or general administrators whose "data output" authority is "◯ view/edit".

1. Open the following screen.

Management screen home > Frequently used menu > Export/Import > Data output (export) category > [Monthly data [CSV]]


2.Specify the following items as output conditions.

  • Output applicable date
    Month designation and date designation are possible. 

  • Output option
    Output at the employee's place of work
    * The data of employees who worked as helpers in the selected department will also be output. 

  • Select export layout
    Choose an output layout.
  • Division
    The data of the selected division will be output. Please combine with the employee type selection below. 

  • Employee type
    Data for the selected employee type is output. 


3. After completing the condition selection, click [Data output] at the bottom of the screen. At this point, the download will not be performed and a confirmation screen will be displayed.


please note
If there are "number of error work within the target" and "number of unconfirmed applications within the target" on the confirmation screen, accurate aggregation is not possible.
・Management screen home > All menus > time record error
・Management screen home > All menus > Schedule/ leave REQ

After confirming the target error and confirming the application on the above screen, please follow the above procedure again.


4. If there are no problems with the contents on the confirmation screen, click [Data Export] to export as CSV data.

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