What is the "Shift Request” feature?

This feature allows employees to submit their preferred working hours from their Time Card screen. This is useful for submitting shift requests.


* To enable the feature, please contact our Support Center. If you would like to use the Shift Request” feature, please let us know from the inquiry form.



To submit shift request

An [ Edit shift request ] button is added to the time card screens for every administrator and employee.
The following screen shows by clicking on the button.



To confirm

Confirm on the "Daily schedule setting" screen. For further information on the Daily schedule setting, refer to this article.


On the management screen, go to Daily Data> select a division and click the [Display] button> [Daily schedule settings > Select [Include requested hours] at Options, and click the [Display] button.


The preferred working hours submitted by employees are displayed in a yellow bar, which can be used as a guide when editing shifts.


When you click [Edit], the "schedule" column appears.
By clicking [Apply], the system reflects the preferred work hours the employee entered to the schedule.
To confirm the schedule, click [Save].




The "Shift Request" feature is completely different from the "Schedule Request" feature.


It allows employees to enter their preferred work hours, and for managers to create shifts while visually checking the daily schedule.


The system does not send Email notifications to the administrator when employees submit their preferred work hours.
To check the status of your employee’s preferred work hours, please check the Daily schedule screen on a daily basis.


If you need to check the status of your preferred work hours for each employee individually, you can do so from Time Card > [Edit Shift Request] button.

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