What should I do if all my working hours are overtime?

If all working hours are overtime, there is a possibility that the standard time for variable work labor has not been set. Please check the following items.



Please check the following settings.

Setting “Employee” > Employee type setting > [Edit] target category > Overtime aggregation of months “Variable work hours ”: [Edit]

  • Common "Unit to be used ": "Weekly" or "Monthly" is selected
  • For the excess work 0 hours 0 minutes in the "standard time" in the weekly or monthly basis, have been set that count as overtime
  • Variable working hours type ": In the case of "Flexible", [Weekly base time setting] and [Monthly base time setting] are not entered


If all three of the above are applicable, all working hours will be counted as overtime. Please register the crierion time and recalculate from the screen below.


Setting "Other" > Recalculation of attendance data


If you want to turn off the variable work hours function itself, please cancel the setting from the following screen.


Settings "Other" > Options > Time management settings "  Variable working hours setting function ": Do not use > [Register]

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