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Can the approver be divided according to the application type?

Yes it is possible.

Approval flow can be set for each of the following application types.

Application type name Description
Schedule application This is the approval flow for schedule application and leave acquisition application.
Time record application It is an approval flow of the time record application.
Employee application It can be used when the item of "Employee settings" is "■ View / Apply" in the authority settings of the general administrator. In this case, when a general administrator newly registers an employee, the registration details are sent to the administrator on the application approval flow once, and once approved, the employee registration is completed.
Supplemental-item application It is an approval flow of the supp. item application.

Supp. items are functions for recording actual data other than stamping. You can record numbers, time zones, etc. Employees can apply for items created by the administrator in advance.
Attendance confirmation application * Displayed when the usage method is "Attendance confirmation application" in the attendance confirmation function.
This is the approval flow when an employee submits an "attendance confirmation application" and the administrator approves it.
Overtime work application / Overtime upper limit application It is an approval flow for overtime work application and overtime upper limit application.


Setting method 

Advance preparation

1. It is recommended to output the application approval flow setting screen to Excel in advance. This is because if you change the setting so that the approval flow is separated for each application type, the approval flow will return to the initial state. Please refer to the output Excel data when setting the approval flow for each application type.


-Initial state: All approval flows by affiliation are reset, and in the basic approval flow, the first approver becomes the admin plenipotentiary administrator.


・ Excel output


2. Please process (approve or reject) all applications. This is because the settings cannot be changed if there are still unprocessed applications.

How to switch

Internal settings by the Support Center are required to change the settings. Please ask the support center to switch to "Set the approval flow for each application type".

* After requesting, it may take some time to complete the switching. If it is difficult to keep the unprocessed application free, please contact the support center in advance.


Set approval flow for each application type

When the switch is complete, the support center will contact you.


Open the management screen> administrator> application approval flow settings, and set the approval flow for each application type tab.


Even if an application exists when the application approval flow is set, it does not affect the application contents.
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