Update notice (released on October 12, 2020)

Thank you for always using "KING OF TIME". We are pleased to announce that we have updated the system and are now able to use it more conveniently.




The item of the upper limit regulation function of overtime has changed! !!

Until now, you had to set the "warning" and "upper limit" time for each item. Regarding the "upper limit" item, we changed the item name to "upper limit of report" from the idea that the value of "report" should be entered. 36 Please set the maximum time for each company that was set when the agreement was submitted. In addition, the "legal limit" value is always displayed as reference information on the setting screen.


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You can now apply for attendance confirmation and attendance confirmation from your mobile browser!

Until now, employees were able to apply and confirm attendance only with a PC browser. With this version upgrade, you can now use your mobile browser. The attendance confirmation application and attendance confirmation will be available to more people.


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A recalculation function has also been added to vacation data!

If you change the vacation category or contract working hours on a day, it may not be reflected in the remaining vacation calculation. In that case, the support center recalculates the vacation and reflects it in the remaining vacation calculation. With this version upgrade, a "Recalculate" button has been added to the "Vacation Details" screen for each vacation. You will be able to voluntarily recalculate your vacation.


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It is now possible to change the handling of "contracted working hours per day" when calculating the remaining number of vacations!

When minute unit is set in "Contracted working hours per day" set in employee type/ employee settings, the remaining vacation time was calculated by rounding up the minute unit to the hour unit. (Example) If the contracted working time per day is "7 hours 30 minutes", round up to "8 hours". It is now possible to set whether or not to round up to the hour for vacations other than paid holidays.


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You can now configure some external service linkages and API linkage usage settings!

When using the money forward linkage, LINE WORKS linkage, or KING OF TIME Web API linkage setting function, it was necessary to contact the support center. This can be set on the "Option" screen, and the function linkage becomes smoother.


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WebAPI function has been expanded!

● When retrieving employee data using API, it is now possible to retrieve the data of retired employees.


● Added "carry forward/expired" data to the API for obtaining annual vacation data.


Function modification: The specification of the overtime limit function has changed

Until now, only the "special overtime" "one month overtime work hours" and "multi-month (2 to 6 months) average work hours" included the legal holiday work hours in the calculation target. However, even if there is no special clause, it is necessary to establish "one month overtime work hours" including legal holiday work hours and "multi-month (2-6 months) average work time limit". ..

With this version upgrade, the corresponding two items can now be set as separate items from the "special clause" item.


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